Nyx: Dancing across the Sky Picture

"There also stands the gloomy house of Night;
ghastly clouds shroud it in darkness.
Before it Atlas stands erect and on his head
and unwearying arms firmly supports the broad sky,
where Night and Day cross a bronze threshold
and then come close and great each other."
(Hesiod, Theogony, 744 ff.)

First in my Goddess Series
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The original title of this piece is

Nyx The Goddess of Night: Dancing across the Sky
This is inspired by the Greek Goddess of Night, Nyx.
and was done entirely in Adobe Illustrator.
This deviation is a lot larger if you download as opposed to full view...

The goddess Nyx was the personification of Night in Greek mythology. Night was the daughter of Chaos, which makes Nyx one of the first creatures ever to emerge from the void. She was the sister to some of the oldest deities in Greek myth, including Erebus (Darkness), Gaia (the Earth), and Tartarus (the Underworld).

Nyx gave birth to a number of offspring. Some of these children of Night were Eris God of Discord/Strife, the Moirai also known as the Fates, Hypnos (Sleep), Nemesis (Retribution), Thanatos (Death), and the Hesperides. While these beings were born from the goddess alone, without a father, Nyx also had children by the god Erebus. To Erebus the goddess bore Aether (Air) and Hemera (Day).
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