Cronos-aether Picture

cronos - greek mythology means god of time... Aether - greek mythology means god of upper air and light

I have came up with the idea during some classes XD ...and i rely wanted to put it down and improve it ( sorry for my bad English speaking )

sooo i should probably describe this creature a little bit :
( mah first time doing this lol )

name : Cronos-aether ( CA )
height : 173cm ( height of an average man )
length ( with the tail ): about 519cm
abilities : can travel with the sped of light, a power that enables him to fly, teleportation, time-traveling, ability to blend with the night or day, defying gravity, and much more lol ( those are some of the basic )
color : pretty much black and blue, or green
uhm if i forgot anything just ask

CA is design for speed and power, is super adaptable. its thin arms and legs ( don't be fooled by their look, they are made from super strong bone material ) allow the CA to move elegantly and super fast, its anatomy design is unlike and very light...its stripes and marks are made from special biomass that collects energy from CA's movement and surrounding energies from other life ..... they say that the creature is delicate but very strong and in its presents you may fell very weak and sick

so i think that's about it for this creatures design

hope you like him !
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