Comp Entry- Aeolus 2 Picture

Original idea:
"Outkast, Cadmus, and Imuty
Outkast has dared Cadmus and Imuty to go into the forest. Imuty is marching
Outkast: (jokingly and watching Cadmus and Imuty) Just watch out for the Laelaps.
Imuty: (impatiently) Sure, let's just get this over with.
Cadmus: (scared because he believes it) The what? Oh gods, what did he say there were?!
Outkast: (muttering) They've probably never heard of them."

And Imuty doesn't seem to notice the red eyes in that tree...

This was actually quite fun. The only backgrounds I ever seem to do have trees and grass...

Second entry for Aeolus's competition!

Er, and the colored text corresponds to the ones with the same color markings. If any one didn't realize...
I was also looking for an obscure Greek mythological creature so I found the Laelaps, they're types of canines I think.

art (c) me
Imuty, Cadmus, and Outkast (c) Aeolus on CS
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