Blessing of Wind Picture

It wasn't long before Fox and Krystal brought Zephra to where the sword Hexxus was laid. They then explained about the ritual to bless the powers of Hexxus.

Krystal: The Power of Wind is from the Greek God Aeolus, who was the keeper of the Anemoi on his own island of Aeolia. According to Greek Mythology, when Odysseus came to his island, Aeolus gave him a bag which contained the four winds so he could get home safely. But curiosity got the best of Odysseus' men. They opened the bag all the way and were blown back to the island, but Aeolus refused to help them again.

Fox: That's probably terms like "windbag" and "Blowhard" came from.

Krystal: Giggle. You may be right, Fox. Are you ready to take your place, Zephra?

Zephra: I am ready, my Lady.

Zephra then leaped on the table and placed her paws on the hilt of Hexxus. The sword then turns gold as the power of wind is seen. Then together Fox and Krystal Touches Hexxus with the Crystal Wand.

Fox and Krystal: By the power of Aeolus, we bless the power of Wind.

Hexxus then shines brightly and the dies down. As Fox picks up the Hexxus sword, he can feel the power within Hexxus but now it was under control.

Krystal: We did it, Fox. Hexxus is now fully purified and under your command and yours only.

Fox: But now we have a new responsibility with Hexxus will only ber used when it's called for. Such power shouldn't be abused.

Krystal: Of course. And thank you, Zephra, for your help.

Zephra: Glad to be at service, my Lady.

Fox: Let's put this in a safe place, Krystal.

Krystal: I'm with you, love.

Krystal model by :icon CharleyFox: and :LDragon:

Fox McCloud model by
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