Boreas of the Northern Winds Picture

This piece was made in collaboration with Mike.

Boreas of the Northern Winds:

Boreas was the north wind and bringer of cold winter air.
One of the four chief Anemois.


In Greek mythology, the Anemoi (in Greek, Ἄνεμοι — "winds") were wind gods who were each ascribed a cardinal direction, from which their respective winds came, and were each associated with various seasons and weather conditions. They were sometimes represented as mere gusts of wind, at other times were personified as winged men, and at still other times were depicted as horses kept in the stables of the storm god Aeolus, who provided Odysseus with the Anemoi in the Odyssey.

This is the first out of four Anemoi Concepts.
(^_^) I plan to make original character concepts and designs based on various mythologies from different cultures.

To Mike, thank you for re-designing my Boreas OC!
(My version, the first one is a skinny guy with spiky hair. LOL)

Sketch provided by Mike Garcia.
Colors by Me. (^_^)
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