Ceyx and Alcyone .:part 1:. Picture

100 Theme Challenge
56. Danger Ahead
PART 1 of 5 (Pictures Based on Greek Mythology)
Ceyx, the king of Thessaly, was the son of Lucifer, the light bringer, the star that brings in the day. His wife, Alcyone, was the daughter of Aeolus, the King of the Winds. They were a faithful and devoted couple and never separated. Nevertheless, there came a time when Ceyx decided that he must leave her and make a long journey across the sea to consult an oracle. Alcyone was hysterical with grief and worry. She had grown up in the palace of the King of the Winds and knew very well what often happened to ships at sea. When she was that he was firm in his determination to make this trip, she begged to be allowed to go with him, "I can endure whatever comes to us together." Yet, although Ceyx loved Alcyone as much as she loved him, he would not allow it. So he sailed alone.

I started on this set of "stained glass" images while I was up in Chicago in December, after I went to Navy Pier and stared at all the lovely stained glass works. I was planning on coloring these when I was done with them, and giving them a stained glass quality.

.. Yeas, I know the boxes are crooked... I was in Chicago with nothing 'cept a pencil, a camera, and my sketchbook... so I freehanded the lines. I thought about using random things as a straight edge, like a piece of paper, but I figured, I'd accidently somehow make it more crooked so I didn't.

I remember the story of the two pretty well, cause it was the one that always made me ache. So there are some differences between my images and the actual story. In my pictures, the flower she holds and the flower she gave him are part of the symbolism. Especially in portraying death and life.
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