Aeolos Ref Picture

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Name~ Aeolus
Means: "Wind" Aeolus (Greek: Aiolos , Modern Greek: , Latinized as Æolus ) was the ruler of the winds in Greek mythology.
Power~ Wind
Age~ 20
Personaillty: Peaceful, stuborn, active, loves to tease, mature at times, inmature at times.
Gender~ Male
Family: Korah was a firend of his brother(Who is dead)
Past:He was born into his own clan, all the other clan members were shocked to see that he killed a bear when he was only a pup, with his powerful wind power. He is now leader of a werewolf clan, with Korah as deputy/beta, his other clan mates are ruthless and are trying to plot against him to win the title of alpha.
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