Aeolus, Master of Winds Picture

Alright i decided to color Aeolus from [link]
cause i just luv this guy, i mean hes a very........ interesting character XD
Alright this is Aeolus as seen in The Lost Hero

Name: Aeolus
Gender: Male
Home: Floating Fortress (goes with the wind when not anchored)
Position: Master of the Winds (not a god),
Weather-Man of Olympus Weather

Info: Aeolus is master of the winds, not a god. He although wishes to be pronounced as a god, saying that the benefits are so much better. His appearance is quite disturbing to many. It seems his face has been done with every known plastic surgery known, giving him a Plastic face look. Aeolus also is known to constantly wear make-up. He has a suit that has a pattern with clouds, and clue skies. However the suit's clouds and sky changes with Aeolus's mood. If he is happy he has clear skies, in a normal mood he has clouds, and angry their are thunder clouds. He is the only immortal who appears to be suffering from a condition (Insanity). He become of this because filling in the gods weather requests, and his constant having to control all the winds at once. His personality is known to constantly change, and very easily. He also believes that any book with the word Wind (ex. Gone with the Wind) is actually about him.

Well that pretty sums up Aeolus, and enjoy
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