SoulCalibur3: Aeolus Picture

my character that i made in the character creation mode in SoulCalibur 3. i even made up a backstory for him
Name: Aeolus, king of the winds
Height: 5' 11"
Weight: 164 lbs.
Hair Color: white
Eye Color: sky blue
Hometown: Aeolia Island, Mount Olympus
Weapon: steel fan
backstory: For some time, Aeolus has never felt like one of the true gods, such as Hercules or Aphrodite, and was never taken seriously among the other gods, sort of like the little brother of the family. But when he found out that the evil sword SoulCalibur was reawakend, he used this opportunity to his advantage. Even the gods of Olympus moved their attention and concern at the evil sword, so one day, Aeolus made a proposition with Zeus. He suggested that not only will he find SoulCalibur, he'll bring it back as a gift for the great and powerful Zeus. and in return, he gives him a place among the great gods of Mount Olympus.

With much thought, Zeus finally agreed and made a deal with the wind king, on the condition that he is sent to Earth to search for the sword as a mortal and is only armed with his trusty steel fan, Notos. And on that note, Aeolus journeys through mountains and fields, night and day, fighting demons and other mortals who seek the demon sword, in hopes of earning his rightful place with the other gods.

SoulCalibur (c) namco
Aeolus (c) greek mythology, *aeolus06
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