Dolos -Sorcerer of Slaanesh Picture

Dolos means deceit in modern and anchient Greek.
Dolos in anchient Greek Mythology was a evil god that specialized in deceit (dA!)
His counterpart and lover was "Apati" a female goddess which translates into fraud in Greek.
In my armies story though Adonis (the demon prince) is leader of this devoted to slaanesh force it is Dolos and Apati that pull the strings.
It was Dolos that mutilated Adonis face when still a space marine (though luckily for Dolos, Adonis does not remember that) like many of the other marines in this force.
Adonis Hatred for his deformed face and body turned him into a killing machine and Champion of Slaanesh seeking pleasure by doing to others what was done to him. Slaanesh granted Adonis what was promised to Dolos; Demonic powers. Adonis now covers his face with the flailed face skin of someone good-looking. Dolos and Apati are just waiting for the right moment to strike the demon prince, scheming from within.
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