Apollo and Hyacinth Picture

I have a mythology project for english. I'm supposed to know and present the Flower Myths which include Narcissus, Hyacinth, and Adonis. Since this story is kinda gay, my friends do not want to act this out.

If you don't know the love story of Apollo and Hyacinth, well... Hyacinth was a Spartan Prince that won the love of Apollo, a god that was considered the "Golden Boy". Sometimes they would go into the forests and play sports that Hyacinth brought back to the Spartans like discus. But then Hyacinth had another lover named Zephyrus, the "West Wind" or something. One day, when Apollo was playing discus with Hyacinth, Zephyrus directed the wind and the discus landed on Hyacinth's head. He dies and a flower grew in his place, being named Hyacinth.
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