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Deutragonist of The Adonis Hunter Satoshi..
My third pony^^

Name: Kurei Amakusa

Gender: Male

Race: Unicorn, Human

Age: 15

Personality: Homme-Fatale, Book-worm, caring, humorous, scary when he is in bad mood

Cutie Mark: Dragon

Class: Adonis Hunter, Priest, Black Mage

Mother: Kurenai Amakusa (missing)

Father: Shouzou Amakusa (disowned by his son, banished)

Female Counter Part: Scarlette Alexandros (in form of a white and cream Unicorn)

Home: Terra (sister planet of earth), Earth

Likes: Reading mythology books,Writing Horror/Fantasy stories, making people and ponies laugh with his face flexibility, his girlfriend, Momiji, search for a worthy rival and friend, sharing books with Twillight, Fluttershy's smile and laughter, apples given by Applejack, playing with Rainbow Dash

Dislike: Momiji's pestering about his habit of swearing words, foul play, anyone disturbing his studies, anyone says he's no fun, Fluttershy's naivete, Discord because he always pestering other ponies causes to split-up

Like Satoshi, he also stumbles into a world of ponies and he turns into a pony in a form of a unicorn, which they find amazing. Meeting Celestia, the Queen of all Pony, who saved them from Nightmare's lackeys and knowing that they are in the world of ponies and promised that they will returned them back to Human world. With his new found looks and making friends with other ponies and his fiery powers and knowledge, he will protect those who needed from evil force, especially Discord. Kurei also shown to be humorous and fun-loving type of guy but he can be very scary when he's in a bad mood. Kurei can rival his strength not only Satoshi but Nightmare (Luna, Celestia's twin sister) since he is a black mage.

My little Pony: Friendship is magic- Hasbro
Kurei Amakusa-
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