Myrrha Picture

Okay, lemme explain to you who she is.
She's a mythologic character, taken from the Metamorphosis written by Ovide.

She was the daughter of a greek provincial king, a really beautiful girl, that everybody wanted to marry.
BUT she was in love with a single man : her father. When i say "In love" I mean feeling-love and sexual-love.
After trying to kill herself of despair, her nurse decided to help her to satisfy her hidden desire. She brought her to the father's bed (by night because she didnt want him to recognize Myrrha).
There, father and daughter "enjoyed themselves" twice in the dark, but when the king realized it was his own child he was having sex with, he tried to kill her. She went away.
But the God's couldnt stand that forbidden love and sex. Myrrha was guilty and assumed it, asking the godnesses to give her a punishment.
So they turned her into a myrrh tree.
Later, she gave life (under her tree form) to the most beautiful male humain being on earth : Adonis.
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