Windflower Picture

So this is something i kinda have been wanting to do, yes this is my photography, and yes it is edited, but, i edited it with the influence of Greek Mythology. In Greek Mythology there is a story about a flower called the 'Windflower'. It symbolizes the death of Adonis. He was said to have been loved by Aphrodite. He hunted often and one day he found himself faced with a boar who ended up injuring him badly. (Some myths say it was Ares disguised as the boar). Aphrodite heard his cries and she appeared in front of his bleeding body. Anemones sprang from the earth where the drops of Adonis's blood fell. The flowers were said to have a red glow to them. Thus the inspiration for my photography symbolism edit. For that which brings forth its life, ends it.
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