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Felt in a bit of a funk today. Also ran across some rather headache-inducing anti-canon shipping arguments today. How does one counter such tiresome arguments? By pouring one's heart and soul into beautiful fanart/screencap collages of course!

SO, this is a visual reminder to myself and any other Kataangers who see this of all the deeper reasons why Aang and Katara's relationship is one of the most SERIOUSLY AWESOME EPIC ROMANCES of all western animation.

Starting from the top left and moving on down we have:

1. The symbolic parallel blocking of The Boy in the Iceberg and Crossroads of Destiny- The full significance of said identical frame by frame blocking is dissected here: [link] but I just love it because OMG SO BEAUTIFUL. It's Mike and Bryan's (not so) subtle way of showing us "THESE TWO ARE EPIC AND ENDGAME YOU GUYS. TTLY DESTINED TO BE SOULMATES HERE."

2. The depth of Aang's love for Katara- Via Katara superimposed over Aang's heart chakra vision of the Air Nomads. Just, you know, to reinforce the point. This, gods I love this so much, this is seriously the only pointer you need to completely destroy the argument that Aang's love for Katara is only puppy love or an immature crush or what have you. (Or vice versa with Katara.) The Guru may be frustratingly vague at times but this part was crystal clear.

"Love is a form of energy, and it swirls all around us. The Air Nomads' love for you has not left this world. It is still inside your heart, and is reborn in the form of new love."

This. Is. Seriously. Awesome. I know I've said this a bunch of times but I seriously can't get over how Aang's love for Katara is reborn of the love for an entire extinct nation of people you guys.

When the writers introduce a concept like this to you, they might as well be stamping the screen with big bold letters saying EPIC AND ENDGAME.

3. Their tag-teaming- <3 Nothing much need be said about this besides the fact that it perfectly illustrates Yin/Yang opposites working together in harmony and is seriously awesome.

Top center left:

4. The Pieta pose- A universal symbol of grief, mourning, and suffering. (For those seeking to discredit Kataang as mother/son based upon this parallel, you're only looking at the surface and not thinking metatextually. Everyone uses this pose, and for all kinds of purposes. Besides, a lot of religious-themed Renaissance art also doubles as illustrations of Greek mythology. This one, as I recall, doubles as Aphrodite mourning her LOVER, Adonis.) Katara's pain and sense of great loss is so palpable in this scene. She has lost her Most Important Thing and she no longer cares what happens to her. Absolutely heart-wrenching.

5. The Cooldown Hug- PERHAPS MY MOST FAVORITE KATAANG MOMENT EVER? Seriously. There's nothing about this scene which I haven't already said and spazzed over but I might as well repeat it:

Katara's love for Aang is stronger than the Avatar State. Even in his Darkest Moment.

6. The Day of Black Sun- Examined here: [link]

Love in the midst of war. With the threat of battle hanging over them, Aang and Katara take a moment to be together and let out their feelings for each other, because they might not live to say it later. It's now or never, and like an old war movie, Katara stares off after Aang like the sweetheart of an airplane pilot, watching him fly away to his destiny.

Bottom right:

7. Cave of Two Lovers Parallels- As if having the COTL theme function as Aang and Katara's romance leitmotif wasn't enough (playing during significant Aang/Katara scenes in Cave of Two Lovers, The Earth King, Nightmares and Daydreams, Day of Black Sun, etc.). Mike and Bryan make the connection even more explicit, with Katara unleashing her inner fury and grief in an unstoppable powerful wave of bending upon the death of her beloved and Most Important Person.

Just like Tui the Ocean Spirit at the death of La.
Just like Oma at the death of Shu.

8. Resurrection- It doesn't get any more epic than this. Not even a similar scene in Avatar Aang can touch it. (And it actually serves quite well as a means of showing off Aang and Zuko's parallels.)

Aang is dead. Deader than Dead. Gone. Deceased. The last hope of the world lies lifeless.

And the one singular sole waterbending girl to find him and travel with him, who just so happens to have healing abilities, uses a desperate last resort of spirit water, healing hands, and love to literally bring him back to life.

If that doesn't scream Epic, I don't know what on earth does.


9. And it all comes down to this. The Chosen One and the Protectoress have done it. They've saved the world. Together. All that's left to do is look out over the world at peace they've helped to bring about, and take solace in the happy ending that they've earned. So they kiss in front of the sunset, fulfilling their destinies and bringing everything full circle.


Wow. That was long. Don't know how I ended up writing a mini manifesto but I don't regret it one bit. It needed to be said.

Aang & Katara (c) The impeccable Mike and Bryan
Screenshots courtesy of ([link])
Fandom manifestos by the fox's den on LiveJournal ([link])
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