Adonis Picture

Adonis, for a Latin project. We had to do three characters from classical mythology who weren't any of the twelve Olympians. Both Adonis and Callisto ended up being ghosty-type things floating behind what they turn into. That's an anemone he's holding, not a rose. And not a sea anemone. Note the lack of tentacles. I got my brother to model for the shadows, because I had no idea what to do with them. Everyone asks why Adonis is crying, for some reason. Because his life sucked, is the simple answer. Here's the long answer: His father and his maternal grandfather are the same person. Note that this is his mother's fault, not his (grand)father's. Myrrha ends up turning into a myrrh tree, and Adonis pops out of the trunk. Venus kidnapps him because she thinks he's pretty, and gives him to Proserpina for safekeeping (goodness knows why). Proserpina decides she wants him, too, so when he's old enough to be their sex toy Jupiter decides that he should spend a third of the year with each and a third with whoever he wants to be with, and he decides to spend his own third of the year with Venus. This is the only say in his own life that he ever gets. So he gets tossed around between those two every few months. And he ends up dying painfully, after getting gored by a boar, and Venus turns him into an anemone. Sucks to be Adonis. *huggles him* And yes, Adonis is a girly-man. I want to shoot whoever decided "an Adonis" is a buff guy. Along with whoever at Disney decided to make THE Adonis (a) buff and (b) a jerkwad.[/rant]
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