Adonis Picture

Anyone who has studied western art (even for a very short period of time) will see their fair share of Venuses and Aphrodites embodied in art. Venus/Aphrodite- goddess of love, beauty, sex and all that was joyous and wonderful in the world. As many historical western artists have been male, it is no wonder that she is every where. Even gay men have a certain fascination with female beauty and she, most certainly, is a female of divine beauty and sensuality.

I am not a man (in case you have not allready ascertained). I enjoy paintings and sculptures of Aphrodite (aphrodisiac
What about those mythologically beautiful young men? The divine and mortal entities... on a whim I began with Adonis. Supposedly the most beautiful man of all history. Born of shameful incest -a young woman fell in love with her father, snuck into his bed and was impregnated before he stopped to see who she was and turned her out in disgust. She was so mortified and horrified (rhyme) with herself that she begged the gods to stop her existence, but not kill her, as her body would merely continue to polute the world- talk about low self esteem. The gods heard her plee and turned her into a tree (another rhyme, unintentional). Adonis was born from that tree and soon captured the love of both aphrodite and psyche...

I hardly think I did him justice. I did the entire project in one day- it is miniature, quite small, otherwise this would not have been possible. Prismacolor pencil on watercolor paper. I emphasized the tree-ness but otherwise there is little relevence to the myth. I used a photograph of Jake Gyllenhaal for reference but I did not intend the final drawing to have much resemblence. Frame- which you mostly cannot see- composed of eucalyptus twigs bound with gold embroidery floss and gardening wire.
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