Gods of Old Picture

This was a school project in which we made a set of 8 illustrations which could be shrunk to 1x1 and still be easily read. I did reasonably well with the project, however all the details and different levels of contrast did cause a few of them to be confusing at the said 1x1.

Because of this I'm redoing them, so I thought there was no harm in putting the original set for people to look at. I have them at a fairly decent size rather than the mini size for obvious reasons.

The people here are all important figures in ancient mythologies of both Europe and Asia, but by no means are all of them. I also took several liberties with depicting them.

From top left to right, then bottom left to right.

Zeus, Greek god of lighting and ruler of the heavens.

Thor, While not the king of the gods in Norse mythology Thor's adventures and recognition surpass that of Odin.

Ra, Egyptian bird god of the sun.

Arthur, King and legendary hero in celtic myth. While not technically a God, he is the most well known character of Celtic lore.

The Jade Emperor, the Taoist ruler god of all of the realms (heaven, man and hell).

Jupiter, the Roman equivalent of Zeus. Technically, he would look exactly like zeus except with a scepter instead of a lightning bolt, I however made him distinctly roman-esque.

Inari, I looked high and low for a prominent central figure in Shinto... and the most popular at least was Inari. A female Goddess of rice, fertility and foxes/kitsune.
It's here I'd like to make a shout-out to ~firewolf013 for being my model for this one.

Goku (Sun Wukong), This Monkey prankster god has a certain charm and childishness that has made him one of the most enduring parts of traditional Chinese mythology. While I modeled for all of the figures except for Inari, people always say Goku looks the most like me.
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