Naga Encounter Hercules Picture

"I don't get it... I said I'd go easy on them..." Herc pouted.

He slowly twirled his Olympic throwing disk between his fingers. No one had been willing to match up against him, and he had almost ended up destroying the town square playing on his own... again... He shook his head and lazily threw the disk from his hands, watching it soar nearly 400 feet away from him.

Herc started walking over to where his disk was, kicking at the dirt under his sandals.

"It's not fair... Why am I so different from everyone else? Why can't I just be normal for once?" He grumbled, casting a wary eye in the direction of the temples. He wondered if the gods were playing tricks on him somehow.

He finally got to his disk and picked it up, turning in a different direction and chucking it as hard as he could in his frustration. He quickly regretted his actions when he saw where his disk was going, though.

"Oh, shoot!" He muttered, closing in on himself. He hadn't realized how close he had been to the mountains.

He watched as his disk shot into the mouth of a cave, flinching as it gave off a deafening CLANG once it disappeared from view. Herc groaned and started walking towards the mountains to retrieve his disk. It was the only one he had.

"Nothing's going to go well for me today, is it?"

He finished climbing the cliff side, having finally made his way to the cave he lost his disk in. He brushed off the dirt from the front of his clothes and walked inside, looking around for something shiny or round that could be his lost toy.

"I could have sworn this was the cave I threw it into... did it- oh! There it is." He said.

He spotted it a little ways into the cave, embedded deeply into the cave's rock wall. He reached up and tugged at it, pulling it free along with a chunk of the wall that crumbled around his disk. He turns to leave the cave but suddenly hears a soft melody playing behind him. He turned towards the music, the soft lullaby invading his senses.

"Where's that music coming from? Is there someone in here?" Curiously, he made his way to the back of the cave, semi-entranced by the sound of the music. The cave walls began to narrow and allowed just enough room for him to continue walking comfortably towards the music. When the cave suddenly opened up to reveal a cavernous room, Hercules' eyes widened, and he gawked at what he found.

In the middle of the opening, curled up in a bundle of coils, was a woman with scaly green skin, her hair rustling about and making a strange hissing noise. Upon closer inspection, Hercules realized that it wasn't hair on the top of her head, but a bundle of snakes. Hercules squeaked, unused to seeing monsters up close before. He had heard of them, but they had always been so far off, stories from a distant land. The naga woman looked up upon hearing the sound, and smiled widely at Herc, an almost hungry glint in her eye.

"Well well, it seems you've finally arrived." She remarked cooly, giving Herc a flirtatious wink.

Herc tried hard to swallow the lump in his throat before managing to stammer, "M-m-me?"

"Oh yeees," she hissed, pulling her body out slightly from her tangle of coils, "I've been waiting so long for someone like you to come around to my den." She moved forward slightly but stopped when she saw Hercules tense up, as if ready to sprint at any given moment. She chuckled to herself. How adorable.

She opted for moving around the side of the cave instead, deciding to keep him off his guard and slip through when his defenses were down. She smiled again, her eyes warm with compassion. "My name is Medulla. What's yours?"

Herc blinked, eyebrows furrowing as something in the back of his head nagged at what she just said. He felt he knew who she was, that she was a infamous monster known well among his neighbors, but fear kept his memories at bay, leaving him with a sense of confusion.

Seeing the doubtful look cross the young hero's face, she sighed and crossed her arms, looking at him with slight exasperation.

"If you are thinking, young one, that you know me, I'm afraid you're mistaken." Herc jumped slightly when she spoke to him, unaware that she had realized what he had been thinking of. "The one you think of is a relative of mine. Medusa. I do not know if she is alive or dead, but it does not matter. She is not me. I do not turn others to stone."

"O-oh." Herc sighed with relief, glad that he would not be turned into a marble statue.

"However," She sneered, turning around to look into Herc's eyes, "I have powers that far exceed hers."

Medulla's eyes began to glow. Hercule's gasped in surprise as she looked at him, dropping his disk as she assaulted his mind with hers. Very soon his eyes filled with the same light, leaving him unable to look away. He opened and closed his mouth like a fish out of water, struggling to keep hold of any strand of thought lingering in his mind.

Medulla giggled as she watched the boy in front of her try to resist her powers.

"How long will you be able to fight it, I wonder. My powers are strong, and your mind is weak. How long?"

Herc could feel his free will slipping away. He fought to keep his sense of self, but then couldn't remember why doing so was so important. Soon he fell completely, relaxing as his mind became open to control.

Medulla laughed quietly to herself as she moved the end of her tail to close around Herc, giving him a quick pull towards her. He stumbled forward, his eyes glued to hers, hypnotized by her gaze. He comes to a stop in front of her, and she teasingly caresses the side of his face, continuing to wrap her coils around his unresisting body.

"Now, boy, your name?" she cooed quietly.

"Her-Hercules..." he breathed. She bit her lip to hold in her laughter. He was too cute.

"Hercules, huh?" She closed her eyes and used this moment to sense the nature of his spirit. She grinned to herself when she realized who he was and opened her eyes in amusement.

"My my, a spawn of Zeus." She slid one finger under Herc's chin and tilted his face upward to get a better look at him. She smiled in satisfaction. "I'm glad I caught you while you're still just a child. The young are so much more... impressionable."

She moved her tail slightly under the young boy's tunic; if she was to enjoy him properly, she didn't want the cloth to hinder her.

"A son of the king of gods; perhaps when I eat you, I'll gain immortality? Wouldn't that be lovely?" She laughed and pulled her finger away, delighted in having found such a rare treat. She pulled his tunic strap off of his shoulder, planning to discard of the rest when he was making his way down her throat.

She looked over her shoulder at the enthralled Hercules trapped within her coils. She smiled sympathetically at him and decided to show him a bit of mercy.

"I like you, Hercules." she called out to him, "I'll allow you to meet your death within your dream. Close your eyes and sleep."

Hercules immediately closed his eyes and slumped in the Naga's coils. Medulla kept him upright so he wouldn't fall to the ground and lifted him up so that he could easily reach her mouth. She shook her head at the fate of the young boy.

"Heroes are always attracted to monsters, and monsters to heroes, so they always meet an early demise. Such is the fate of the children of the gods. Be happy you'll die in such a peaceful way."

Just as she was opening her mouth to engulf Hercules, the cave walls began to rumble around them. Medulla's eyes snapped open and she looked around her in a panic.

"What?! What is this?" She shrieked, her head darting around frantically.

She looked up and saw that pieces of the ceiling were beginning to cave in. If this continued, she would be buried alive. She heard a loud rumbling and her eyes grew wide, realizing what this was.

"Zeus?! But how?! No!" She continued to scream as the ceiling collapsed, killing her as they piled up on top of her.

Her still twitching tail released Hercules, throwing him away from all the flying debris. His rolling body came to a stop by the tunnel that he entered from and, still entranced, he continued to sleep.
A drop of water fell on Herc's face and he groaned, squinting his eyes open as he woke up. "Huh?" He sat up and looked around at the dark cave and the large mountain of stones in the middle of the room.

"Where am I? Last thing I remember, I went into a cave to get my disk back."

He stood up, continuing to look around as he pulled up his tunic strap that had slipped off of his shoulder. He spotted his disk on the floor about a foot away and picked it up. He looked around one more time and scratched his head before shrugging his shoulders and heading home.

"What a weird day."

Young Herc ends up falling under the spell of a sinister naga lady.

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