Zeus Picture

Name: Zeus
Gender: Male
Age: You don;t want to know mortal..... (19 and a half centuries years old)
Origin: Greek Mythology
Magic Abilities:
Lightning: Can summon lightning whenever he feels like it
Shapeshifting: Hes a god and therefor can look like whatever he feels like
Lightning necklace/Toga pin: Helps him summon his lightening and switch to look like whatever he wants
"Sweet dude! Thats beast!"
Big bad boss man needs some time off too! When he feels a bit pressured he switches to his punk form and is a bit lazy and lax in his duties. Pray you meet him in this form if you're on trail....
As he's known for he can be quite judgmental and quick with horrible punishments for misdemeanors. Pray you never see this form in the courtroom....
Zeus was the son of the great god Cronus and great goddess Rhea. Cronus feared his children would want to overpower him and take his place at Mt.Olympus, therefore he swallowed all of Zeus's siblings, Zeus hadn't yet been born. When Zeus was born, Rhea hid Zeus on some close by islands before Cronus could swallow him then she wrapped a stone in baby's clothes and gave it to Cronus. Cronus swallowed it believing it was his son. When Zeus reached adulthood he disguised himself and returned and tricked Cronus into drinking a liquid that forced him to vomit up all of his children, who then all gathered together to fight in a war against their father Cronus and the rest of the Titans. Cronus was overthrown in the war by Zeus, so Zeus then took his place on Mt. Olympus and became judge and chief ruler of the 12 Olympians who ruled Mt.Olympus. It was believed that he settled disputes fairly but when he became angry he would throw thunder bolts. On Mt. Olympus he was also in charge of changing the seasons and making the sun come and go, both of which were very important to the other gods, goddesses and Greeks.
Originally he was a god of the skies and high heavens and back in the day Greeks thought of him as the only god who concerned himself with the entire universe. Greeks associated Zeus with justice and well being. He's believed to have greatly punished the wicked and evil doers and rewarded all that did good. He received the lightening bolt from the Cyclops. He uses the lightening bolt for defense along with a bright golden shield with an eagle engraved in it.
Judgment of a person quickly (aka personality analysis)
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