Greek Caballa Picture

edit[03|12|09]: just a few minor changes which you probably won't even notice. I think the white border looks a lot better than the black one, and I also reduced the contrast slightly.

slashTHREE Artpack 10 - World Exhibition II

In Greek mythology Poseidon is the god of oceans and earthquakes. He was integrated into the Olympian gods as the brother of Zeus and Hades. In Greek art Poseidon was associated with tridents and horses that could ride on the sea.
Have you ever imagined how gods and their realms really look like?

Actually I'm not a religious person but for some reason I am interested in these old historical fables.


This image went trough so many stages, it's hardly believable I ended up with this version. Looking at the very first version I'm sure one can say the improvement here is immense. I had to rework the whole thing several times until myself and the S3-crew were finally pleased with it.
You can find a few of the earlier versions here: [link]

Technically speaking this is about 40% digital painting and 60% Manipulation. Can you tell which parts were drawn?
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