387 Zeusword Picture

#387 Zeusword
Mythic Poke'mon
Electric/Steel Types 2'5" 65.4lbs

A strange poke'mon that is rarely recorded as appearing in history, in olden times Zeusword blended in with the militia's armory during the War of Roses. It is most likely this camoflauge that helped them avoid detection thoughout time.

Should a trainer encounter a wild Zeusword, they are advised to take extreme caution. Grabbing a Zeusword by what appears to be a hilt is a very big mistake. This hilt-like appendage is actually a lightning rod which is used to draw electricity from the sky.

By grabbing the hilt of a Zeusword, it is as if a trainer is grabbing onto a powerline in the middle of a road.

Though Zeusword has not been seen in recent years, they are rumored to exist on a sealed mountain called "Mt. Olympus" on "Silt Island" in the Chubu Region.
So, I had originally planned to have a godlike poke'mon, that would be a rare to tower above the other poke'mon I have created based off of greek mythology. He was gonna be big, and all godlike and full of lightning and blah blah blah.

But then I thought what would be even cooler is Zeus as a sword! And thats where the idea for Zeusword came in. It looks really funny and cute in a weird way (at least to me) so I hope you like it as much as I do!
Zeusword does not evolve into or from any poke'mon.
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