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A parody of The Judgement of Paris using characters from Avatar: The Last Airbender. For those who don't keep up with Greek mythology, here's a brief summary:

Angry Goddess of Discord, Eris, having been uninvited to a banquet of the gods, threw a golden apple through the window with the message "To The Fairest." Three goddesses claimed the apple: Hera--Queen of the Gods, Aphrodite--Goddess of Love, and Athena--Goddess of Wisdom. Zeus decided that a mortal, Paris, would make the judgement. Hermes took the apple to Paris and the goddesses tried to persuade him.

Hera offered him power among men, but Paris found it easy to conquer any land he entered.
Athena offered him wisdom and skill in war, but again, Paris was already a skilled warrior.
Aprodite promised him the most beautiful woman on earth, Queen of Sparta, Helen. Thus started the Trojan War, for Paris awarded Aphrodite the apple.

Before he judged, of course, all three goddesses removed their dresses, but that might have just been too much.

Here, Sokka is Paris. In the apple he looks bewildered at the task put before him and Hermes (Aang) is probably just glad that he doesn't have to do it instead. The three goddesses are Athena (Suki), Aphrodite (Yue), and Hera (Ty Lee).

I tried to portray them in a way that remained true to their characters as well as allowed them to take on the characteristics of their Greek roles. I thought about it after I drew the picture, but even how they hold their hands out are appropriate: Suki asks Sokka to make a wise decision and holds her hand out sideways, their hands would be level. Yue looks like she wants him to offer it willingly, she'll take it from him then. Ty Lee, playing her roll of queen, holds out her hand in demand.

Who Yue would give to Sokka, I don't know. Maybe Toph, being the only girl left with an infatuation with Sokka. Besides, her family seemed pretty miffed at the fact that she ran off.

Avatar [c] Nickelodeon.
This pic belongs to me. Do not use without permission.
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