Battle Of Gods - Zeus VS Goku Picture

KO Match (TRUE GOD Chamionship) 1 VS 1 - Zeus VS Goku
STAGE: Earth 1 - ???
TIMELINE: 2050 April 7
The all mighty Zeus, the God Of Thunder, King Of Gods versus the one and only Goku! Zeus who currently held the TRUE GOD Championship Title, laid his title on the line & challenged Goku simply to find out who's the strongest, Goku who didn't care much about the title or money accepted Zeus's challenge eager to test his limits, at this time he could NOT fully control his super saiyan god transformation.


Zeus The Ruler Of Olympus in greek mythology, very proud & wrathful married to the goddess Hera but cheated on her many times with human girls & have fathered many children because of it, even his half-human children grew up to be heroes, among them are great men like Perseus & Heracles he is incredibly powerful even for a god & uses lightning as weapon.
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