King of the Gods Picture

Because Thunder God is so over done.

This design was a hard one for a number of reasons, the most difficult being that Zeus is an overdone and widely known god. There were a thousand different ways I could have come at this design but none were really what I wanted and truth be told this still isn't my final design for Zeus.

Throughout Greek mythology we read the many tales of the King of the Gods and his mighty thunder bolt never to far from his awesome hands. So for this design I wanted to focus on that symbol and change it up a bit....or at least that what I thought I did! Anyway I always imagined Zeus hurling javelins or long pikes of lightning rather then opening up to palm and striking down we peons with a mighty clap of thunder.

This tattoo design isn't for the God King himself but rather for his devote followers. They would brand themselves with the image of their God, tattooing or burning the lightning bolt into the flesh of their arm.
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