"Echo" - Persona DA sketch Picture

A sketch of my "Persona" for Persona: DA. I ended up going off the page with this one, so the bottom half is on another page... I'm trying to color and assemble it, but i have no professional art program.

...And yes, I've tried GIMP and I'm ready to put my computer through the wall for it...

Symbolism for Persona:

"Echo" was a mountain nymph in Greek mythology. She loved the sound of her own voice and was very talkative, but was cursed by the goddess Hera when she found out that Zeus used her to distract the goddess from his many affairs with other mountain nymphs. From that point, Echo could no longer speak unless she was repeating someone around her.

Eventually, the nymph fell in love with the beautiful youth "Narcissus". Although he found her beautiful, he rejected her because of her inability to say anything other than what he'd just said. This caused Echo to retreat from the entire world, finding her home in a deep cave, where she wasted away until the only thing left of her was her voice.

It was then that the Goddess of Retribution, Nemesis, cursed Narcissus with falling in love with his own reflection, which he found in a pond. Unable to touch his only love, he took his own life, stabbing himself through the heart. The blood gave birth to the Narcissus flower, which always droops down toward it's reflection in the water. In many versions of the story, his last word was repeated by Echo herself.

Physical: Echo is the personification of a sound, and I used many sound references in making her.
Hair: Echo’s hair is made of stereo wire. A symbolism for sound. There are tiny speakers attached to the end of her braids that play whatever song is in Jaden’s head at the moment.
Eyes: Echo has no eyes. Instead, she has a headset with a pair of small monitors that pull over where her eyes should be; a symbolism for Jaden’s past and overall reclusive nature. Over the course of his childhood and most of his teenage years, he learned everything he knows about the world through the T.V. or a computer screen. The monitors on Echo’s headset represent the fact that he has always seen life through a media representation. Usually, all that is shown on them is static. But occasionally, they flash images on what is going through Jaden’s head and also can become projectors, projecting the images to a nearby wall or open air.
Aluminum Can Headset: Jaden is a functional alcoholic. He loves to drink, and it doesn’t interfere with his normal functions in everyday life, but if he has nothing else to do, he gets anxious and unsettled. So he drinks to simply cope with his anxiety. As such, most of what he hears is open to his own interpretation depending on his mood and how drunk he is at any given time. The alcohol can often muffle his reason on what he hears.
Megaphone: Echo has a megaphone jutting out of the back of her head. This megaphone also plays whatever song Jaden has stuck in his head at the time, but every now and then, will also say whatever Jaden is thinking at the same time. This is because Jaden will speak his mind whenever he has a SOLID opinion on what is transpiring. Just things on the back of his head…. ~_^
Gender: Echo is a woman, Jaden is a man. This is mostly because Jaden identifies his TRUE self as a woman in accordance with the views of the world around him. According to him, women are supposed to be more “fragile” and “sensitive”; Traits that, in the world HE was raised in, solely belonged to women. Also added to that is that gay men are considered to be “women” in that regard in the society he was raised in. It is for this reason that he puts up a “Tough” front; in an attempt to keep anyone from realizing his own fragility. His favorite quote is: “As long as people don’t ask me if I’m fine… I’m fine.”
Torso: Echo’s skin is pale, resembling porcelain. There is a broken red heart design on her chest pierced by a narcissus, symbolizing not only the legend, but Jaden’s own disastrous love affair with a guy who could only love himself. The cracks around the heart show his fragility. She also holds a bouquet of narcissus flower, symbolizing both her and Jaden’s clinging to a lost love. During channeling and searching, Jaden holds these himself while Echo projects the images of what they find through the monitors that are her eyes.
Dress: Echo’s lower body is a massive silver bell covered in stereo wire. She usually floats obove the ground by 2 feet.
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