Sailor Ganymede Picture

About the Girl
Name: Hana Kaze
Name Meaning: petal breeze
Birthday: May 4 (Taurus)
Age: 15
Eyes: light green
Hair: wavy, brown ponytail
Skin: peach
Height: five foot six inches

Likes: fencing, dancing, P.E., flowers, and fantasy novels
Dislikes: spicy food, boys, romantic comedies, romance novels, and Astronomy
Strong Points: floral arrangements, patterns, and observations
Has Trouble With: cooking, loud noses, and hand-to-hand combat
Dream: To take over her aunt's flower shop
Occupation: high school student (freshman), and part-time florist at Green by Design

Personal History: Hana was raised by her dad, and she's never known too much about her mom. Her dad was busy working most of her childhood, so she looked to her Aunt Aki as a paternal figure. She grew up dancing, fencing, swimming, and learning floral arrangement after school. Currently, she's the only starting freshman on the varsity fencing team.

About the Senshi
Sailor Name: Sailor Ganymede
Realm of Influence: Senshi of the Flowers
Transformation: “Ganymede Satellite Power!”
Transformation Item: Ganymede Earrings
Weapon: Blossom Blade
Colors: light pink, dark green, and yellow
Attack 1: “Floral Bane Reaction!”
Attack 2: “Petal Crusher!”
Attack 3: “Blossom Slasher!”
Team: Team Galileo (Jovian Satellites)

Description: Sailor Ganymede wore the standard Team Galileo uniform. Her skirt was light pink with a dark green trim. Her front bow was dark green with a yellow jewel. Her collar was light pink. The gauntlets on her gloves were dark green. Her choker was dark green with a yellow gem. Her back bow was yellow. The jewel on her tiara was yellow. A pair of dark green pumps with an open-toe and ankle strap and a four inch heel complete the ensemble.

Place in the Silver Millennium: Hana was one of the older half-sisters of the Jovian Princess. She was the princess of Ganymede, one of the main satellites and the biggest. Since Ganymede was the biggest satellite, she was the Baroness of the Throne. She was one of the members of Team Galileo – a subgroup of the Jovian Satellites – and their many job was to protect the princess. The King had many children, but he only acknowledged the Galileo Satellites and the princess.

Mythology: Ganymede was the son of a king, and Zeus lusted after him. He disguised himself as an eagle and abducted Ganymede. He was granted eternal youth and served as the Cupbearer of the Gods.

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