Alternate Outfit: Posh Picture

Name: Posh Bacha
Age: 7
Height: 127cm
Weight: 27kg
Hair Color: Black
Eye Color: Hazel

The Land of Jesús (pronounced HEY Zeus) is a little universe where all of my interpretations of Biblical characters reside (e.g. the Twelve Apostles, Sons of Jacob, etc.), but their roles here might be different than the ones from the actual Bible. Once again, I apologize if what I'm doing offends those who believe in Christianity....

Posh's alternate outfit. It's more much feminine, since Posh is a girl. She wears a green and gold dress with a matching crown, cape, and gauntlets. The outfit is covered in amethysts, and Posh wears matching earrings (similar to Bazi's moonstone earrings). Her hair is colored with crushed indigo (navy blue paint), crushed woad (blue paint), and crushed hedgehog mushrooms (blue green paint), while her eyelids are covered in crushed field mushrooms (chartreuse paint). It's supposed to be inspired by the naga, a snake deity in Hindu mythology and also the source of Posh's pet name. The sketch can be seen here: [link]

A former slave who is a villager at the Friendly Village in the Land of Jesús. Posh possesses an androgynous appearance and skilled swordsmanship, and lives in an orphanage with her younger twin Bazi. When she was young, some slave traders trained her to be one of them until she saw the horrible things they did to Bazi. Together with the nomadic painter Luke, they escape and ended up in the Friendly Village as permanent residents. In her years of servitude, she was known as Naga, the snake deity.

Death and the Lamb Info
Posh was one of the few denizens who didn't believe that Simon murdered a baby lamb in the middle of the night. While discussing with Jaime Lee, she reveals that Simon always takes good care of the orphans. At the day of the execution, the Bacha twins and the other orphans watch the Apostles disappear one by one and eventually inform the Friendly Village's nomadic painter Luke.
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