Zeus Darkeyes Picture

Name: Zeus Darkeyes

Race: Kyubbi (he has Ninetails but cuts eight of them off so they don't get in his way, but they regrow when he goes Super)

Status: (Gaurdian and Warrior)

Abilities: can use Chaos abilities (two of his own unique moves are Chaos Bolt, and Chaos Crash) and can Shape shift (temporarily depends on form he takes) and is good with close quarters combat.

Weapons: Gaurdian Staff (Stolen by Pachacamac),

Favorite food: Fish and Pears.

Likes: Reading, Playing his Ocarina, and protecting his friends

Dislikes: being alone, being in one place for a long time, and Bright light (His eyes are VERY sensetive to Bright light)

Good traits: loyal, trusting, and very Smart.

Bad traits: Easily annoyed, and he gets restless easily, also he's horribly terrified of Ghosts.

Age: 20 (counting the years he spent dormant in a crystal 4020)

Friends: Sonic, Tails, Knuckles, Nicole, Ruby, Greytails, Tikal, and Shard.

Neutral: Dr.Eggman (he really can't find a reason to hate him, after all he's the reason he woke up).

Enemies: Pachacamac, Lord IX, Dr.Eggman Nega, Dr. Finitevus, The Nocturnus tribe.

in my world the Echidna and Kyubbi live together in harmony sharing custody of the Master emerald.
the title of Gaurdian goes throught the races in a cycle, when a Gaurdian passes a new Gaurdian of the opposite race replaces him, Zeus was the current gaurdian (not by his choice, he takes his role seriously, but can't stand being their 24/7) , when the Knuckles Tribe betrayed his race and wiped them out cept for Zeus, who lived on thanks to ruby.

little note Zeus's race are called Kyubbi, BUT they are not the same Kyubbi from Mythology.

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