The Passion of Aphrodite Picture

Equipment: Canon Digital Rebel XT, Rebel 2000, edited with Adobe Photoshop 7

Model(s): Elizabeth

Shoot: My wife is such a great sport, letting me dress her in our living room curtain and pose otherwise naked in our bedroom for this shot, but it was well worth it. The archway was shot in Colorado Springs at the Cave of the Winds, while the mountains were shot at the Teton range.
This one is my best. Aphrodite was always my favorite of the gods, and I wanted this one to be perfect. I spent hours setting the scenery long before I even shot her, something I rarely do. I wanted to capture her sensuality, that raw passion of the goddess of love. This is also my first attempt at creating Mt. Olympus. In the original work there was no ceiling, but it adds to the closed-door feel of sexuality, or so my feedback has told me. The curtain she is wearing was used as the toga for nearly all the pictures, but it worked well.

Myth: In the original myths, Aphrodite was born from the blood of Uranus, the sky-entity and father of the Titans. His son, Cronos, dismembered him, and his wounds fell into the sea. Aphrodite then rose from it. Her name literally means, "Born of the foam." This is why all the, "Birth of Venus," paintings from the renaissance era depict her riding from the sea on a clamshell. In later myths, her origins were changed to being a child of Zeus, reducing her to the status of the other gods. Her son is Cupid, and also her go-to guy. He does all her dirty work, and she spends nearly all her time on Mt. Olympus. Aphrodite is, in my opinion, all-in-all the greatest of the gods. First of all, in the original myth, she was a Titan, not an Olympian. Second, she is superior because she holds power over all the other creatures of the world, even the gods. Love holds sway over all beings, and thus makes her influence infinite. In Greek mythology, love is the element that binds together all things in the universe, the common thread. Aphrodite is the epitome of that idea.
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