Johnathan Picture

Name: Johnathan
Ht: At least 6 feet
Wt: Unknown
Age: Older than time
Sex: Male(physical sex: androgynous)
Race: Unkown, formerly human
Aliases: John, Johnny, Death, Grim Reaper, Jesus, Zeus, Satan, Merlin, Mustarskazyt, Esceeelaiiial(The list goes on)

Johnathan is a personal servant for Oballa. Cold, ruthless, calculating, and manipulative, Johnathan seems to be anything but good. However, he shows unwavering loyalty to The Order, and will do whatever it takes to ensure balance between good and evil. A shady character, Johnathan usually works behind the scenes, making sporadic appearances and offering cryptic advice to characters and verbally bending them to his will, often before they even realize what just happened to them. He has been known to use reverse psychology and wordplay to manipulate others(such as in the "Elijah" RP where he convinced Jassy to raise the child simply by asking for him). Practically immortal and almost infinatley all knowing, Johnathan is very egotistical and is easily surprised when something in his plans fail or when he manages to get hurt(such as when he was nearly killed by the rouge God Maddox in a mental dual), this however usually has very little to no effect on his complete and constant control of the situation. For unkown reasons (possibly boredom) he has joined Christian mythology and is impersonating the Angel of Death.

This is a drawing I did of my character Johnathan from Evil Angelic a while back. It's pretty old (about a month and a half or more) so the quality kind of sucks, but I really liked the pose he's in, which kind of conveys his physical androgyny, at least to me.....anyway, enjoy....

Johnathan: (c)
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