Fakemon Trio WIP Picture

The trio is going to be legendary insects.

Name: Thoraxhine (Thor + Thorax + Shine)
Type: Bug/Light
Evolution: None
Dex Info:

Name: Zeushock (Zeus + Shock)
Type: Bug/Electric
Evolution: None
Dex Info:

Name: Scaraburn (Scarab + Ra + Burn)
Type: Bug/Fire
Evolution: None
Dex Info:

This originated from me thinking about fire flies, lightning bugs, and glow worms. I wasn't particularly interested in doing the usual 3-stage evolution lines since so many people have done them before. I figured it was a good opportunity to use them for a Legendary Trio.

They are missing their wings in this picture.

The whole elemental orbs can be looked at in 2 ways:
1. They make up the abdomen which was the original idea, though they were more bulb shaped.
2. I changed them to orbs that can be moved, juggled, held, cradled, etc. to resemble a dung beetle and how it's always carrying around a round ball of dung.

All the influences: beetles, flies, (original concept came from a: glow worm b: lightning bug c: fire fly) western and eastern mythological gods.

The light bug is supposed to be Norse, electric bug is supposed to be Greek, and the fire bug is supposed to be Egyptian. The only inspiration I drew from eastern gods, specifically Indian, are the poses.

I'm not content with the name Zeushock though. The other two not only reference the element and god, but also something to do with insects (e.g. "Thorax" and "Scarab") which is what Zeushock is lacking. Any Ideas?

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