Gaia Dream Avatars Picture

so i had a lot of time on my hands...
i have some OC characters that i hope to put up on DA, even though theyre not very good drawings. (like some of the amazing artists here)

i made these with the dream avatar simulator from here:
i wanted to give them a sort of teenage adventurer look with a dark theme, lots of black. so from top left to bottom right, here are the characters and a little background info:

The "Leader" of the group. He was born with telekinetic and telepathic powers. A martial arts prodigy, he has mastered many styles including sword fighting. He uses telekinesis with his katanas in deadly ways. Somewhat shy and quiet, but the most intelligent of all.

The "Second-in-Command". Also a highly skilled martial artist. Her gift is the manipulation of water like waterbending from Avatar the Last Airbender. Very agile determined. Prefers fighting with a small, single katana

Tactical Genius. Scythe is the prefered weapon. Approches everything rationally. Master of Aikido. Born with the unusual gift of plant manipulation, enabling him to transform leaves into sharpened projectiles, and summon thorn bushes to halt those for his hungry scythe.

The "angel" for her kind demeanor. Girlfriend of the tactician. Very calm but a fierce opponent. Born with the generation of Light energy using her bow in conjuction for light arrows etc. Her bow dettaches as dual angel wing swords. Uses years of ballet dancing and martial arts training taught to her by the group.

The Ninja (every team needs one). Obviously master of ninjutsu surpassing his own clan. Knowlegde of ancient ninpo techniques. Favors his dual ninja swords (i forgot what they are called, ninjaken?)

Geisha- I acctually like the code name for her. Japanese born. (the hairstyle i originally came up with was not on the avatar simulator)
Weilds the legendary nodachi sword. Elegent and deadly warrior. Can summon spirits from Japanese mythology, but only under necessary conditions.

(because i love mythology, i had to make some teenage versions of the gods)

Zeus. The stubborn one. Very powerful. Weilds a thunder bolt staff which acts as a dual sided spear type thing. Can summon thunder storms and create thunder booms or sonic booms. He is skilled with weapons and ancient greek combat.

Hera, girlfriend to Zeus (obviously). Very kind, but has a temper. Weilds pure cosmic energy which glows pinkish- purple. Her emotions are connected to her powers. Olympic level gymnast. Vast knowledge of history.

Thor. Weilds the hammer Mijolinir. Godlike strength and stamina. Can create lightning (obviously). very loud and humorous. Could be somewhat clumsy but makes up fot this on the battle field. He is a weaponry master but uses his hammer with deadly force.

Valkiyrie. the serious female. she is slowly learning to trust other besides Thor. Weilds two rapier style straight swords. she can fly great heights and is skilled in aerial combat. Because she is based off the Valkyries of myth, she can create up to 4 other copies of herself since the valkyries were many. this requires a lot of energy so she rarely uses it. She is a master swordsman capable of fighting against the best.

I hope you guys like them, they didn't come out as I hoped, but w/e. villains are next
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