Orionmon the Giant of Sea Picture

Fan Made Mega Digimon Evolution Idealized, of Zudomon for the, Level mega ... This is the legendary Digimon Demigod Giant Marine Son of Neptunmon Orionmon Whose name comes from the mythical ... According Orion had imagined it would be the evolution of the Mega Level Absolute wee MarineAngemon after his Tamer Kenta perform a Digimerge Evolution turning on him, Legendary Demigod Giant Marine Hunter Olympus, son of Neptunmon, and Beloved of Artemismon ...

Orion or Oriontis, in Greek mythology, Was the giant hunter, one of the best in the service of Artemis. He Was Placed by Zeus among the stars to the constellation of Orion.
Orion Was the son of Poseidon, the god of the seas, with a mortal, so he HAD great skills for hunting and the broad knowledge, But Was Not Considered a god. Was Dead After Being Put In the constellation in the sky, the familiar constellation of Orion constellation Which is close to his friend known the sirius star sirius.


It is said the legend that Orion was a giant hunter, loved by Artemis, with whom he almost married. The brother of Artemis, Apollo, in turn, was bored with such an approach between the two, reaching criticized several times and never get results. One day Apollo had the opportunity to get rid of his trouble, realizing that Orion wading through the sea with only his head above water challenged his sister, another hunter extraordinaire, to hit the target that was moving away.

Impeccable in its aim it fully hit her lover, who was running away from that Apollo sent a scorpion to kill Orion, whose body was already dying led to the beach by the waves. Realizing the fate that had committed, Artemis, amid tears, asked Zeus to place Orion and the scorpion among the stars: the giant costumed with a belt, a lion's skin, armed with a sword and his mace, followed by Sirius, his dog, running away from your enemy scorpion. (Sirius or Canis Star is the brightest star in the sky and lies in the constellation Canis Major, near the constellation Orion or Oriontis).
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