ankhesenamun of egypt 23sep06 Picture

this is a poem written for ankhesenamun of egypt, my friend from ^_^

stanza1 shows that life is sad, i got the idea of snitter slugs from dr. seuss, fox in sox especially ie "tweedle beetles" ([link])

stanza2 is my fav. the name ankhesenamun means "She Lives Through Amun" ([link]) which is where the line "through the god of sun" comes from, since amun is the god of sun ([link]). amun is also the god of air, which is where the line "my breath of life @ night" comes from

stanza3 just shows how wonderful she is
stanza4 is just a cute conclusion about how wonderful life is. its heavily influenced by the works of ronnie martin from the band joy electric ([link]) this is 1 example, but i <3 his lyrics soooo much
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