Eos Picture

This will be the second time drawing the gods/goddesses of Greek mythology. I love them soo much!!!!

This is Eos, the (technically speaking) Titaness of the dawn.
She has always been described with rosy fingers so there you go and I made her hair yellow to red since her brother is Helios, the Titan of the sun.
Eos is a daughter of Hyperion and Theia and is sister to Selene and Helios.
Her children were the Anemoi or the Cardinal Winds, Eosophoros, (with Astraeus) and Memnon (with Tithonus) and her Roman name is Aurora which makes perfect sense.

Eos once fell in love with Ares, the god of war, and slept with him and Aphrodite cursed her with a longing for handsome young men.
One mortal she fell in love with was Tithonus who was, of course, handsome and young. She one day asked Zeus to give him eternal life, which he granted.
Eos forgot to ask for eternal youth and he grew so small and frail that he became a grasshopper or a helpless old man.
WHen her son, Memnon died in the Trojan War, she was devastated and every day, she weeps cups of dew for him, like in the picture.
She also fell in love with Orion, Cephalus, and Cleitus.

Eos also opened the gates and acted as a herald for her brother Helios, the Titan of the sun.

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