Influence Map Picture

My influence map so far uvu

I have a lot of things that inspire me - lately those are interior and exterior patterns and looks that inspire me to make characters haha /shot

Top to bottom; left to right:

Mythology: Myths, urban legends, stories....anything of the kind has so far been my greater inspiration, at least when it comes to the physical appearance of characters. On the picture, you can see the bust of Zeus....No idea, he sorta reminds me of mythology the most, though I haven't been greatly influenced by Greek myths xDDD

Dino Merlin His songs are so awesome~ The best song you can listen to while drawing haha <3 He hasn't really been so influent in my art that you can 'feel' it, but his songs definitely inspire me.

"Wolfhound" by Maria Semyonova The book that has helped me over my art block multiple times. It has several parts and I think I've read it countless times already, but I never get bored by it, mostly because it was inspired by Slavic mythology.

World of Warcraft I dunno. This game just does XDDD It won't install on my Windows 7 though, so I have to wait and play it on my cousin's + my friend's computer(s).

Within Temptation + Sirenia More musical influences xD Slightly different from Dino Merlin, however, their music is addicting as well~! I can't get bored of it haha <3

Vocaloid The designs, the style of music that I usually don't listen to - I dunno, I just like them despite not being my first choice of music. Why I have Miku on my map when I don't even like her music all that much? Cause I was way too lazy to search for Vocaloids I like
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