SECRET 4TH OC!? Picture

Name: Andro
Age: 14
Relatives: Cole (big brother)
Personality: Kind, sweet, Tough, Caring, Naive (sometimes) and shy (sometimes)
Relationship: single
Species: Human
Rank: Warrior
Powers: From Hades and Zeus
Likes: his brother and his friends even that others don't like him
Dislikes: Hoplites, Cyclops and others that are not pure soul
BIO: Andro's parents are also the same as Cole's, they are brothers in the age of 5 they been separated for only 5 years, Andro is a student of Hades (in greek mythology the god of the underworld) he is the first and only student and brave enough to survive in the depths of the underworld after 5 years he finally met Cole. He heard the news of Kratos' death he and his brother felt sorrowful, another 3 years he heard that his brother will have revenge on Nomedos for killing Kratos. After Cole's victory, at the age of 14 he is now the warrior and the might of Hades.

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