Premize et Aliz, preview 01 Picture

This is an enlarged cropped version of an image I've been trying to work on. It's also been under some spiffy-looking effects I played with in Paint Shop Pro... heh, heh @[email protected]

Both characters depicted are guys... the one holding the doll-like other was banished into a celestial cage by Apollo and Artemis because Zeus ordered it so (his name - Premize), and the kid he's holding is the one person who can bring him back into the human world (Aliz... name's pending).

Confusing? God yes. It's also based on Greek mythology if you've yet to notice... if I get the time and install MSWord soon, I'll post the first draft of the prologue. The series, if I finish it, will be called "True Elysium". Haa.

I know, none of this is making sense. *dies*

*stops babbling now*
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