E and F Picture

The Golden Eagle and Tom Foolery. I was just sitting around last night, and we'd started mythology in english, and I had the sudden idea to make a pair of superheroes based off of the wise Titan Prometheus and his foolish brother Epimetheus. In one story of the creation of man, Epimetheus created all the animals first and in his foolishness gave the animals all of the good skills, leaving none for man. Prometheus then created man, and fixed the problem by giving him an upright position like that of the gods, and then bringing him fire, which was better than any of the skills Epimetheus had handed out. Prometheus was then punished for his actions by being tied to a rock and was set upon by a golden eagle that tore at his flesh day and night. In addition to being punished, he was also being interrogated by Zeus about who would mother the son that would overthrow him. He refused to give up the information and was eventually released. In the story of Pandora's Box, Epimetheus is Pandora's husband, taking her as a gift from Zeus against his wise brother's advice.

In the end I don't really like how this came out. I totally screwed up the Golden Eagle's hand there, and a lot of the colors are bad, especially on the main part of both suits. Ah well.
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