Pandora's Pithos Picture

Yet again my work looks like total crap because I don't have a scanner and I had to use my webcam. I'll probably make a better one. Or a better picture with the webcam. Anyway this is Pandora from greek mythology. Her story is inside a bigger story but I'll just say her part. I hope I remember this right.

Prometheus's brother, Epimetheus, was given a present by Zeus. The present was Pandora. Pandora was very beautiful. Epimetheus married Pandora against his brothers warning. Zeus had given Pandora a pithos( which is a storage jar) and told her not to open it. Yet the gods gave Pandora the gift of curiosity. Eventually Pandora opened it. This let all the evils of the world out, but it also let hope out. Quickly Pandora closed the lid but it was to late.

The 2 black things are the evils, while the White thing is hope. The lady is, duh, Pandora. I did this with a #2 pencil. Yeah this took a half an hour.
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