Porcelain models Picture

Okay, I know, it needs an explaination.

The picture represents Greek Goddesses.

Title: Porcelain models.
Why? Well, human being were just as divinities, so I think to divinities as porcelain models. They are a perfect version of what humans are. Okay, I can't explain it in English XD

From left to right:

- Demeter: she is the goddess of the harvest. So, in this picture she is picking up a flower while she is looking at the horizon, maybe saying goodbye to her daughter Persephone;

- Rhea: She is Zeus and gods' mother. When I think to her, I think to an austere and strong woman. She has her hands around her crown, it seems that she wants to preserve it. She is also looking to Hera, hatefully.

- Hera: She is the "god's queen", she is represent as an Ice Queen, with a white dress and a white crown. Her hair seems white too. She as a glacial glance and she looks forward. She knows that she is superior to everyone else and this makes she haughty. Of course, Rhea hate her.

- Artemis: She is the stranger goddess. She had a strange look, because she is not like every goddess. She is the goddess of the hunt, so she has a "wild" look. I think that she does not live with other gods, but she prefer to live in a forest, with animals and nymphs. She is like a child and she does not care about other divinities.

- Aphrodite: Aphrodite, you know, is the goddess of love. She is with one of her human lover, that is out of focus and represent with a mask. This is for underline gods' perfection and humans' imperfection. Aphrodite is sleeping in her lover's bosom, blissfully. She is carefree, she lives day for day, she just seize the day.

- Persephone: Persephone is Demeter's daughter. She is the Queen of the Underworld. Hades raped her and then he made her his "wife" for six moths every year. When Persephone lives with her mother, the Earth flourished with vegetation and color. But when Persephone lives in the Underworld, the Earth one again became a barren realm. In this picture, Persephone is about leaving her mother for Hades -you can see a blue man that holds her hand.

So, I know, I wrote a lot of bulls**t. But it is okay. Nice.

Lyrics from: Swanheart - Nightwish;
Picture from: [link]

Title: Myths of the Forest
Magazine: Vogue Nippon September 2006
Model: Anja Rubik
Photographer: Carter Smith
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