Hermes Picture

Right, Hermes is a very old charrie of mine who was mostly just depicted in doodles. Since everyone had begun to have god charries etc lately I thought I might as well make him into a full on character and not just a few doodles from the past. The stuffed rabbit is what Zeus uses to summon/communicate with Hermes, since Herm has now gone down to live on earth; Partly due to the fact Hermes missed Pegasus (Being pals and all that) And partly due to the fact Hermes was annoying his father. (Zeus and some nyphm got it on and got Hermes *Has been reading up on Greek mythology* hehe) and yeah, mostly the rabbit is shouting at him, hence the annoyed expression. Hermes nicked an ipod shuffle from someone and now is like, in awe of it. He likes songs by ABBA mostly (xD)

Hermes (c) Me and Greek mythology
Art (c) Me
Zeus bunny (c) me (The idea of it anyway)
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