Redemption of Pandora Picture

Redemption of Pandora
Acrylic on Raw Canvas

Throughout history stories of women being responsible for evil on earth have been recited for generations. Pandora was the first woman in Greek mythology, like Eve in the Bible. Pandora, meaning “all-gifted”, was created by order of Zeus, and was given many talents and a natural curiosity. As the myth goes, she was used as vengeance for Zeus to punish Epimetheus for stealing fire from heaven. The box was filled with evil and locked up and given as a wedding gift to Pandora from Zeus and was told never to open it.

After many attempts to resist the urge to open it, Pandora justified that if it was a gift it ought to be opened. Thus, when she opened the box the contained evil escaped and spread over the earth.

In contrast to the story, after much time, the chest has been opened in the decaying attic to release the creatures that tend to evoke fear. Stylized to be almost cartoon-like, they are being freed with the Light, spreading the positive and virtuous over the earth.
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