Pandora Picture

Based on the story of how the first woman (Pandora) let the evils into the world by opening the jar. (Hes. Works. 42-68, 83-105). This is one of three typographies made for my digital project in Mythology (CLAN1001) at UWA.

Brief summation of the story :
After Prometheus had stolen fire from Zeus for humanity, Zeus devised a plan for punishment. With aid from the other gods, he created an enchanting yet dangerous creature- woman, soon to be the source of all troubles in the world. The gods showered the woman in gifts, and from Zeus, a jar. A jar that once opened, brought all the grim cares upon mankind, yet only Hope remained inside the jar before the lid was once again placed back on.

(The first woman is nameless in one version of the story, and named Pandora(= all gifts) in another version.)


And yes, it is a Jar in the original myth, not a box !
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