the furies manga Vol 1 page 70 Picture

Gill's Magic breaks the seal and awakes the ancient goddess Nemesis Kida from her Sleep, in early Greeuk mythology, the avening goddesses Alecto Megeria and tysephon had a secret weapon that they used when they had to exert revench on the gods, it was their Godslayer, the Aweful and powerful Nemesis. She is coined in book 9 of the iliad when Zeus and Poseido were about to go on an epic war, poseido was about to give the first punch when the furies appeared and told them that if Zeus and Poseido were to fight, that they would side with Zeus, that bringing the struggle to an end and preventing an epic war of the worlds between the heavens and the ocean. Poseidon would get his revench afterwards by teasing Odysseus and Telemachus in the Odyssey. For the whole manga visit my site
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