Prometheus-Concept Picture

Just a quick drawing of Prometheus, the guy Pandora secretly love, though she won't admit it. They act like friends, but she does get a bit jealous of Nevai's affection for the ratman.

I plan on turning Nathans amazing story into a manga soon, just i needed to sketch out some ideas for the main characters, i'm not completely happy with this, and yet i am at the same time. It's pretty much how i see him. I think he need a little more muscle but i suck at drawing men let alone anthropamorphic rodents. XD

Anyway Crits and suggestion welcome and needed, you should start seeing ref sheets of the main characters.

Pandora, Prometheus, Vee, Treble, Nevai, Selene and Samuel. As well as some of the gods that play a key part in pandora life. Artemis, Persaphone, The original Prometheus, Hades, Hera and Zeus. Also i might draw Apollo and Thanatos since they played key parts in her like too.

anyhow yeah i better go to bed i have to out the house in six hours XD

Prometheus (C) Vee_Tsudu(aka Nathan C. Wilson)
Picture (c) Me.
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