Ganymede Character Study Picture

“There are moments that flash through him, sometimes: Where one can see not his sadness, but his fire.”

—Eros, about Ganymede, “The Musicbox of Memnosyne” (my in-progress book series)

Model, and inspiration for the line: Andrej Pejic

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—> The stuff I draw with my afternoon when my brain is too overloaded to use words. Always more detailed than the last…. *Shakes head*

—> Ganymede is “the most beautiful mortal in all the world,” abducted by Zeus to, basically, be the gods’ compliment to themselves and Zeus’s personal servant. He is reported to be a Trojan prince (in modern-day Turkey), therefore I’m choosing to depict him as black-haired and swarthy. That’s also why he has the Indic jewelry: it’s similar to stuff from that region in the ancient world. I saw such jewelry used on a Ganymede representation in the manga Olympos, and fell in love with it.

--> Sorry it's such a small and poor-quality upload. I don't have a proper-size scanner and am working with a still camera.
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