Moonlight Caress Picture

The story of the moon goddess Selene, and the prince Endymion:

Selene had just gotten done swimming in the ocean when nightime was supposed to be charging along the skies. She went back to the temple and grabbed the horses and chariot and started for the heavens.
As she was making her way she looked down to see a boy sleeping under the moonlight glow.
She swooped down behind some bushes and watched the boy as he slept.
As she crawled towards him she reconized him as Prince Endymion. She came up besde his resting body and felt his sunkissed face. He was beautiful. As she stared at him he woke up with a start and saw Selene there looking at him.
They fell in love instantly.
As the story goes Selene couldn't be with Endymion because he was mortal so she asked Zeus for eternal sleep where Endymion could see her in his dreams.
Zeus granted her wish and Endymion fell asleep for eternity.
But everynight Selene goes to him and whispers sweet words into his ear, and so forever she is his
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