chibia Picture

a quickie pen doodle of a character in the works. her name is bia and she is a lesser goddess. kratos and bia (power and force) are two of zeus' henchmen, children of pallas and styx, and obviously, where god of war's creators got the name for their main character. bia doubles as a god of war fan character so it only seemed fitting to give her a matching name. MY bia is the fourth child between ares and aphrodite so she represents the embodiment of beautiful women's spiteful and cunning nature. it's part of why she's wearing that choker. misogyny is hilarious.

she should never look this cheerful and cute but i have a bad habit of doing that to mean characters. she's supposed to be wearing greaves (greek shin guards) and gauntlets but armor detracts from cuteness. :C

i'll post more info when i have a better picture to go along with it.
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